*UPDATE* My cat is doing okay now. We found out she doesn’t have anything wrong with her teeth. I am going to get her vaccinated and all protected so there’s a smaller chance of any future scares happening. Thanks all for the donations, it really helped kitty.

*sits on couch knowing that i have to leave for work in 5 minutes but still isnt even dressed yet*

I also want to note that, I can STILL do commissions. Please tell me if you want a piece drawn for you by e-mailing me at sjones879@live.com. Thank you.


Crowdfunding makes me feel TERRIBLE but I REALLY don’t know what to do. I’m not getting commissions, and I don’t even make enough money to buy groceries anymore ontop of all the new bills that have come up. My boyfriend can’t afford it because he’s interning and isn’t getting paid for that. I live in a time where technology like the internet is used to help people on a daily basis, so I guess I should stop avoiding it.

Here’s what I’m going through, my cat has recently started drooling puddles EVERYWHERE. At first my boyfriend and I thought it was because she was just really comfortable and happy. But then we found the puddles on the bed. And as we slept that night, she joined us and started drooling even more puddles all over the bed. While I’m typing, she’s walking around with beads of drool all over her chin. This morning I saw that her chin is swelling up.

I did a bit of research, looked inside her mouth, and discovered this is very most likely a dental issue. I also observed how my cat has been trying to eat, but it pains her to do so, so she just leaves behind crumbles that she tried to chew and gives up due to the pain. I thought she was just crinkling her food bag for fun, because her bowl was full, but it turns out she may have been trying to tell me she was hungry.

This means that I absolutely cannot wait all week for her to go to the vet. I’m sure she’s already feeling hunger pangs just from one day and one night. 

My boyfriend and I are going to find a cheap veterinary office in the area. This way any costs will be discounted, but they will STILL take a huge toll on my finances. I ran into a few emergencies lately that I’m still paying off, costing me $700+. I also pay the rent, utilities, comcast, and car insurance. I’m transgender— I cannot even pay for my transition! 

I guess my reasoning for this story is to ask for help. I don’t need much. I’m sure my cat just needs a tooth removed (I hope, I really, really hope it’s just a tooth). But you all know how vet bills can stack up and up and up. 

Please help me to pay for my cat’s vet bill by clicking here and making any donation you can. I believe Paypal can even take 1 cent as a donation. Reblogging this post also helps me a lot. 

Like I said before, I feel terrible that I have to do this. But I really have no choice. And my cat is the one cat I’ve had this long that hasn’t died early or ran off. I want to have her for as long as I can, and I want her to be happy and healthy while she’s with me. Thank you.

There is now an updated Paypal Donate button on my blog

my cat keeps drooling huge puddles everywhere and her chin is swollen… i think she has a bad tooth or something… but i CANNOT afford to take her to the vet. if i take her to the vet, then i cant pay rent. if i pay rent i cant take her to the vet. and i CANT wait until the end of this week to take her.

for those wondering what my anime style looks like… yes, i really love kyoani